Ipsos Mystery Shopping Personal Data Privacy

The following relates to the information we store and transmit to our servers: Information transmitted to our servers during data synchronization:


  • MystShopperID - internal user id
  • Authentication data from the user profile entered in the application
  • DateTime - timestamp of the interaction
  • Ip - IP address
  • IsFirstSync - internal sync sequence indicator
  • AppRxBytes - bytes received
  • AppTxBytes - bytes sent

Device Info:

  • DeviceOS (Android/iOS)
  • DeviceManufacturer (ASUS/Apple/Google etc)
  • DeviceModel (Nexus One/ HTC Hero/ iPod etc)
  • DeviceOSVersion (5.1/4.2.1 etc)
  • DeviceFingerPrint - information collected about a remote computing device for the purpose of device identification

Information collected during the questionnaire completion:

  • Question and answer options, comments, attachments, geo-stamp and time-stamp. This is collected for each answer.